mayden. man ray

/bark bark bark

for the final tribute to my mayden, on our last day of the 30 won in a poetry duel, i offer a crib on possibly one of the most recognizable photographs of a favorite muse of all time:

...."To the normal photographic print Ray has added two violin 'f' holes, pointing out the resemblance between the shape of her back and the body of a violin. The dress and pose for this picture are clearly modelled on those of the main figure in the well-known painting by Ingres, his Turkish Bath...."



Percival said...
Cool. I've run into a blog that uses that same image for her icon, I hadn't known what it was...

10:22 AM
Mayden's Voyage said...
This is beautiful! Thank you :)

You have made this one of the most lovely experiences I've ever had...and I think I need to thank Percy for starting it all!

*Thank you Percy! And Cosmo too*

K9- you really are special.
All I ever hoped for was a drawing like the one you did for Lux! :)
You know- a girl, on a boat, with a dog :)
Heavens- you have wayyy out done yourself. Thank you, thank you, thank you :)

one more time

10:31 AM
Aunty Belle said...
DAwg , you and photshop is one cool duo!!

12:34 PM
X. Dell said...
Solarized Mayden. Cool. Classic. Almost as good as the real thing (i.e. a Cora with f-holes).

6:42 PM
Bird said...
this one's pretty good - but really, it's hard to decide which is the "best" or rather - which is my favorite.

good news at my roost - come on by - words and PHOTOS are up- first full installment anyways.

6:56 PM
ThursdayNext said...
A Lovely Way to End, Dear Rottiepup!

7:07 PM
schaumi said...
once again, wow!

Cora's head looks quite at home on that body. You have mad photoshop skills..

7:17 PM
firebird said...
They're all fabulous! And this one is truly classy. Looks like Mayden is all you could ever ask for in a muse!

8:03 PM
Mr Q said...
K9, executive producer of LGW II.
Coming soon to DVD. Jeez dawg, you put all the rest of us guys to shame with your attention to detail and selflessness. I am on my way to Home Depot to get you the biggest IAMS bag I can fit on the trunk of the A3.

7:06 AM
Enemy of the Republic said...
Let's put it in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. After all, it belongs there.