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Cheney's Sock Puppet #2

will be your weekend anchor. K9 is out on patrol. Todays photo essay is dedicated to Aisha, Mohammad's 9 year old wife, Salman Rushdie, Theo van Gogh, Danish cartoonists, American and Iraqi soldiers, and a couple of zillion other infidels.

"But sock puppet! You and your homies created these monsters with your money and support years ago! You educated UBL for God's sake!"

No, dear readers, we didn't have sock puppets like myself for the last 1400 years. But at one point, we did have to choose between two monsters, and then the whole thing went topsy turvy. What remained constant was the driving force behind the monsters. And as far as educating UBL, I agree, let's don't keep making that mistake! If the puppet were in charge, these kind of guys would be out of our universities so fast ivory towers would crumble from the force of wind spinning off their speedy removal.

"What about the Christian fanatics, puppet?" Well, from what I can tell, you have a better chance of keeping your head attached to your neck in a country based on Judeo-Christian ideals if you, say, commit adultery, be gay, or write, draw or sing outrageously offensive things against the Christian faith or America. Enough! The puppet will deal with the arguments as they come.

Even if we could instantly correct our flaws as a nation, no matter who is in charge, no matter how tolerant we become, this is not going away:

That concludes todays program. Enjoy your weekend.
Photos courtesy of LGF, Michelle Malkin, and Michael Yon

Cheney's Sock Puppet #1

will be your guest host tonight. For your consideration, a photo essay on how hearts and minds are not won. Many people, including those who would agree with the anti bush crowd in principle, cannot identify with the kind of statements that are about to follow. So when the Rev starts talkin' Hitler, K9 and others like him are lost to his voice. For they are impeached as well for their association.

The great protestors were classy. Contained. Clear. Think of Malcolm in his suit, looking good and speaking like a king.
No excuses and better than they had to be. Not just criticism all the time but offering a vision that spoke to the human spirit. And when history reels run back Martin and Gandhi or Mother Theresa they look solid, secure and patient. Going on about the business of whatever they think is right in spite of the state.

Thinking about hearts and minds in this way got K9 to thinking. And was he was disappointed with his debut in blogland, "guns blazing" as Ben said. And knowing fully now that the history reel of K9 is going to play on forever in the ether.

The essay continues:

I'm confused do they want peace or Benzes?

the toilet in the background is a sweet gift of irony, isn't it?

And the most egregious of all. This damn dog cant spell.

Please direct all inquires to Cheney's sock puppet. K9 is on patrol tonight.
Photos courtesy of Zombietime.