Thursday Night Studio


K9 said...

/bark bark bark

archived commentary to follow:

Bird said...
there's something about that first picute that holds my attention. not sure what it is (i am not good at discussing visual composition). i think it might have something to do with the color and the space between the knobs. i'll have to look again.

glad to see a new post.

10:45 PM
Bird said...

i left a response to your comment on the bushims post.

we are in basic agreement.

what kind of guitar? i like the angle of the shot, but I really can't say why.

11:07 AM
Mr Q said...
K9, I didn't know that big Blazers were faster than A3s, now i know not mess with those. On the 0-10 the big 8 always wins. Shame on you, deceiving those kids on the tarmac, next time be fair and roll out the M6, so they have a real chance. O Lynyrd, Where Art Thou? Now you can supply me the loudspeaker. he he, I mean arf! arf!.

11:10 AM
K9 said...
/bark bark bark

hahahaha Q! a little dig on the hated beamer?
I WAS in "silk" -it's a 6, but not the M. the M gets about, oh, 10 miles to the gallon so it's the sunday ride. mostly i wipe it with a diaper.

the blazer's a rolling night club. no need for speed.

11:33 AM
Mr Q said...
Nah, I couldn't be a Bimmer hater, I want the M5 later. But, wouldn't you admit that is a bit cliche? The other day I went down south to Coco Plum in the groves and while driving around there, guess what i saw;
A seagull on a benz
A squirrel on a bimmer
and all the other criters were ricers.
So the A3 seemed to be the sensible unusual choice; not spilling hatorade here, just the facts.

11:52 AM
K9 said...
/bark bark bark

forgot to tell you. the first photo is a 20th anniversary Les Paul custom cherry sunburst.


11:56 AM
K9 said...
/bark bark bark


i hear ya dawg. you was in the grove? what you looking for, trouble? now back up here in the concrete jungle its ricers that rule. like little bees all over the road. 6 a cliche? maybe. she made it into the museum of modern arts car show. the beautiful lines. 21 years old and shes still a beauty. i know you aint drinking the hatorade!


12:13 PM
infinitesimal said...
Hey I knew you were in the music biz! And Freya uses Golden? Now I know you must be in THE City.

But that picture of the paintbrushes makes me REALLY really happy.

I love that picture.

Wish I could hang out with you two on Thursdays!!

10:31 PM
K9 said...
/bark bark bark

grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl, you'd be a welcome addition to the studio. like a pee wees playhouse (without the jackin off and gettin arrested for it part) for freya a bag of new sables trumps blomens every time.


6:42 AM
infinitesimal said...
Sable hair brushes are the tops and a whole bag of them??

lucky bitch <--------- in the DOG sense pun of course as we all know that Freya is a GODDESS!!

I wish I could breeze back into town and come check you two out.

Tha'd be critical.

Ma' ba' stoopid fresh yo.

*I am a dork*

10:30 AM
Pete Bogs said...
is it a music studio, an art studio, or both? that's what makes this one great...

btw, k9, I hope "Hal" wasn't a friend of yours... tragic when the young pups like that die:


10:52 AM
Ben said...
30 years ago, a friend of mine had a black Ibanez Les Paul-copy. Loved that thing. Me, I had a Fender Strato-copy and a VOX amp. We regulalry went to shops just to get our hands on the Original guitars but they were way out of out our reach.

Have not really touched a guitar in about two decades. Wonder if I could still play any riff at all.

Anyway, memory lane, not bad. THNX.

4:22 PM
Hellpig said...
Joe Satriani comes first to my mind,ahhhhhhh I need to do a little surfin with an alien

10:35 AM
K9 said...
/bark bark bark

thanks for the visits -yeah i am slacking on blogging but i am prepping a good little dig on some persona not gratas hosted by the sock puppet (he does the dirty work now that i am the kinder mo gentler K9.)

vanille nice kritikal speak droppin there girlie and no not in THE city.

bogs it's both and more. gonna check on hal and see what up wit dat

ben i used to know a candy apple red teardrop vox base. nice amps. we are scooping up old echoplexes and early seventies equip for that Floydian sound. whah whahs and other old timey effects gadgets. echoplex: its how you make "whales".......pick up a guitar again ben. its like a bike.

helly welcome to the yard. we have a rocking JS live DVD here at the studio. interesting new look on that brutha dont you think? freya wants you to know the Norse goddess of war rides a boar..........but you are also aunty belles "lil choate"

11:26 AM
Aunty Belle said...
Choate? A prep school pig? No K-9 Pup, Hail -pig is a Shoat. (But doan call him a barrow--that is one thang I'm shur he ain't!!)

Princess Kimberley said...

I'm currently searching for a Gibson les paul (classic) voodoo. Made of swamp ash, with a python red case w/ plush lining. *drool* Sooo pretty.