Cheney's Sock Puppet #1

will be your guest host tonight. For your consideration, a photo essay on how hearts and minds are not won. Many people, including those who would agree with the anti bush crowd in principle, cannot identify with the kind of statements that are about to follow. So when the Rev starts talkin' Hitler, K9 and others like him are lost to his voice. For they are impeached as well for their association.

The great protestors were classy. Contained. Clear. Think of Malcolm in his suit, looking good and speaking like a king.
No excuses and better than they had to be. Not just criticism all the time but offering a vision that spoke to the human spirit. And when history reels run back Martin and Gandhi or Mother Theresa they look solid, secure and patient. Going on about the business of whatever they think is right in spite of the state.

Thinking about hearts and minds in this way got K9 to thinking. And was he was disappointed with his debut in blogland, "guns blazing" as Ben said. And knowing fully now that the history reel of K9 is going to play on forever in the ether.

The essay continues:

I'm confused do they want peace or Benzes?

the toilet in the background is a sweet gift of irony, isn't it?

And the most egregious of all. This damn dog cant spell.

Please direct all inquires to Cheney's sock puppet. K9 is on patrol tonight.
Photos courtesy of Zombietime.


K9 said...

/bark bark bark

archived commentary to follow:


infinitesimal said...
Dear Mr. Puppet,

So, the "Big Fight" is with dummies holding signs?


5:08 PM
K9 said...
This is not the "big fight" post.
It is a commentary that might illuminate why there is a second term of W. K9 will have to study hard before he can answer your question well.

5:45 PM
Bird said...
are you on patrol in the physical world, or out in cyberspace?

these are provocative pictures. i have to think more about them to pose an intelligent or at least quasi intelligent response.

6:33 PM
infinitesimal said...
They are good photos. Embarrassing to be in the same species sometimes.

So, I was wondering, since you have inspired multiple raps and have several avid readers now, are you going to thank WCH and tell him that you really do like him in his own yard??

You owe him a sorry, and you should offer him your butt as well.
Don't you agree?

8:10 PM
Reverend X said...
I agree. There is nothing more to the people in the pictures then shock, awe, and a huge need to be the center of attention. And I never said Bush was hitler. I did refer at one time to the prophesies of Nostradamus, but that is just a reference. We could trade pictures of idiots all day long. A hope for the future? Go to Blasted Reality. I put a lot more effor into that site than this one and I do more than criticize. I emphasize, give it up for the wise, in hope that everyone will realize, we share a fate, it's not too late, to drop the hate, get along, unite strong, I'll stop the song, when you note we all been wrong.
Check out the GAO report on the last election before you make any statements about reelected.

9:40 PM
whisperingforestnymph said...
hi ... its graffitti artist (just changed my blogger name) ...

great photos ...and ... ummm ... just curious Mr. Puppet ... what does Palestine have to do with Benz ...?


1:09 AM
K9 said...
#6 nymph

on that palestine sign, they try and draw some peace signs but instead they draw the mercedes benz logo! (K9 would howl here)

#4 vanille

K9 has offered a mea culpa to WCH twice now. And has taken a sharp rolled paper to the hip from you and others as well. But...
Will report your suggestion to him for consideration.
Nice Mar En post 'specially point. yeah, apply that to our "allies."

5:46 AM
K9 said...

er, that was supposed to read

Nice Mar En post 'specially point #2. yeah, apply that to our "allies."

5:53 AM
K9 said...
#5 Rev

I will add your other blog and the GAO report to K9's to do list. K9 loved that "terrordome" bit. We think it would be a great title for a screenplay. Good to see you in the yard.

6:02 AM
infinitesimal said...
You offered MEAGER Mea Culpas, and the best one is here in your own yard. He has had to clean up many steaming hot browns and several of those were Ad Hominem.

"Thinking about hearts and minds in this way got K9 to thinking. And was he was disappointed with his debut in blogland, "guns blazing" as Ben said."

WCH helped birth you and was always tender to you. Now you are a healthy puppy with several playmates.
Is it a personal thing? Or can't you see yourself as others see you?

6:34 AM
Ben said...
Hey, sock puppet, Just-Ben here, I got a surveillance-tape for you. Please get it to K9 so he can carry it to his master.

It's a - no, nooo, don't listen to it now -- ooouh shucks.

(Tape rolling, we see Blog-Ben and Biz-Ben in an office)

Biz-Ben: "K9 got here and made an entrance that every ad agency would just love! Instant talk of the small-town. He might not have intended it that way and he was angry and you saw the reactions ... but, fucking hell, marketing-wise that was a hot premiere."

(Blog-Ben sighs, sips whisky and says nothing.)

Biz-Ben: "Even more important - this dog has been able to go on and transform the whole thing into a presence that is quite a development from the chat-show shouting-match. Which makes it interesting to zap in to his program to see where he goes. Can he do 9 seasons like the X-files? Will at least 6 of 'em be great?

AND he has understood that a one-dimensional character is bound to run out of steam, so he's already introducing a side-kick and he might go on from there. After all, DC had Robin killed by the Joker in the blink of an eye. If they can do it, he can do it. Again, interesting. Can we buy him?"

Blog-Ben: "No. So?"

Biz-Ben: "So I agree with that Vanilla-character on the " I am sorry"-bit to wch. Yeah, it's a tough one. But - much as it might bite K9 - consider wch the unprepared anchorman who let him on stage and gave him the moment he needed to establish himself as a name. K9 will find the right words.
It's all bizness."

Blog-Ben to Biz-Ben: "No, stupid, it's not all business. Yes, partly, it is, but as for the rest this is about fair-play."

(Biz-Ben ostentatiously sighs at this naive display and leaves the stage. Tape ends.)


Off with you sock-puppet!! - K9: You have your own show now and it might be quite a sucessful one. I've seen you hit and take hits and we've all see you lay down the bazooka and it did NOT get boring.

Yes, you're down memory-lane for that first bit. But you are ALSO the director It's up to you what you do with the next installments.

Give us that honey - remember? yes, you do - and? AND: be true while doing so and this playground will never be empty.


12:20 PM
K9 said...
/bark bark bark

I believe it is RevX who gets the credit for inspiring the rash of raps, vanille. How's that for honey ben?


3:36 PM
infinitesimal said...
REV X began the rapping.
Your tracking abilities are impeccable!

Nice honeyflavored props.

9:52 PM
AdamSoup said...
These are great entertainment... but what about the material found at the site you link to, The Study of Revenge? It's hard to say which made me laugh harder.

The Phosgene Kid said...

I made a Mussolini sock puppet and took him to Italianfest. I thought it was hilarious. Everyone is always on about Hitler. Ok the guy was a monster, I get it, but I think we are really shortchanging Mussolini and Hirohito. Bush has more in common with the Italian dictator because Bush and Mussolini are (were in Benito’s case) thugs, Hitler was unbridled evil.

That and I am still weary of the crap from the last election. Brightside – we are out of Bushes for the present – darkside, the Democrats in contention are a bunch of wieners and the entire party has no direction. May have to move up by nanuk.