saturday farmer's market

/bark bark bark

aunty belle took me to one of her favorite saturday stops: the winter park farmers market. the puppy above exhibits the same enthusiasm i had with the sites and smells.......

(soft) grrrrrr....awwww isnt your *tiny yappy hairy useless* doggie cute..can i pet you, er, i mean him? howl!

down from jawja! the ultimate ambassadors. peaches, peaches, love dem georgia peaches! "cuz, florda ernges and jawja peaches when they nice and ripe they the best fer eatin"

"finally! the barbeque trailer just pulled up! Mom, you've got cash, right?"

jars of zinnias. seriously homey comfort imagery.

dear God i am hairy. and hot. get me back to my air conditioned condo you dolt. and ditch the pink leash. and get my perrier. NOW! now, i say!

slimy good fun for everyone. it's okra! i feel gumbo and football weather comin....

the jaunty bachelor scams on all the ladies around him. "nice legs ya got there, lady. are those your real breasts? wait! where ya goin?"

"you want change for a thousand dollar bill? hey, wait a minute....."

love is a many splendored thing, cold nose to the butt not withstanding.

"i am so darn cute that i make my person look better! the green sandals and red toenails? there's a limit to my charm, mate!"

enjoying a "drink" ....aunty belle style.

"rescue me! i want to run with the big dogs, and escape my life of leopard skin pouffy beds and diamond collars. help me! seriously, man. don't leave me!"

peruilewaite? is that you? seems like you'd be happier!

fresher than the jaunty bachelor beagle!

the man who fled france because of the taxation! welcome aboard, frenchie.

"they say all women love chocolate....now, which end to mount."

the look back, through exotic orchids. thanks aunty belle!