r u for 86

/bark bark bark

straighten up chile who's in da house?
the lefty rev with da clever mouth
yea you is right
repro's not my bag
my big concern is girlies on the rag
wait! don't hate or prosthelytize. get wise. try this truth on for size
the 'tution dont promise no little pill
no backspace clean up for your funky thrill
its natures call. thats all.
we got bigger fish to fry ya'll

a guarantee of liberty
does not include insanity
you aint seen pain til you know in your head
you made it be so that your babies is dead
use your head get out the bed and shed
the chains of "we so bad"
we's the children
did want to have
dont take it out on the One most high
its the brothers on earth that be spreadin' the lie

the ones most likely to agree with you
get sucked up in tubes or flushed down the loo
you make me stronger cause theres less of you
its the roe effect
that keeps you lefties in check

trust me brother it is the greater good
more respectful of ladies in the hood
natures order made us men
the nanny state got us sucking thumbs again

when sin is a virtue and virtue a joke
the whole damn ball go up in smoke


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