Fun with Protesters! #2

Uh Oh. Here we go. Another look at protesters. Warning: content disgusting and obscene so be advised before you scroll down. You've been warned.

This is the Westboro Baptist Church. Their claim to fame is protesting at the funerals of dead soldiers and informing us that God hates fags. When some bikers decided to protest the WBC protesters they printed up this:

Irony alert: I wonder if these dolts recognize that their little pictogram cribs off Keith Haring; world famous art fag! ha ha!
inverted flag is a nice touch too. i didn't realize God had identified these punks as his spokesasses. I guess the pope will set them straight when they get to hell. Look at this one from Coretta Scott King's funeral:

We gotta get these punks together with:

Love the dykes from hell t-shirt. Maybe these seemingly disparate groups CAN find common ground. Kum-ba-ya!

Hey, I wonder if the Westboro Baptist Church members would be interested in purchasing this classy counter-culture shirt:

two squishy haters sittin' in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g..........eat your heart out match.com! can you pick a more perfect couple?
These chunky punks think, act and look alike.

Yawn. Ho hum. These fellas look like they're giving up valuable billing time in their careers to participate in this courageous act.

This group really inspires me. It inspires me to make a ton of money and move to a private island.

Nice gentle looking souls. Just curious, Ladies, about the "war is not the answer" thing. How about to end slavery? Dolts.

I can't succeed so therefore:

Protesters are sexy as all get out, aren't they? Nice $5 latte, Chump!

Oh No! Not you, Neo!!!????!! Somebody, please pull the plug in his neck!

Here's one from the recent protests in the "Atzlan Reconquista" movement. We took your land? I feel your pain. Now get your ass back to your country (that keeps their poor poor on purpose because they WANT a servant class) and build an army and come back and see me when you have more than magic markers, poster boards and bandanas. Punk!

Tolerance Alert!!! Confusing, though. They hate Bush and the Iraqis! My head is spinning!

Give 'em time, Honey:

and finally, a protester that brings it all together....the cliffs notes protest:

Have a nice day.


K9 said...

/bark bark bark

archived commentary to follow:

Bird said...
i really don't know what to say!

i think what this boils down to is- honest debate and the discussion of ideas can't happen with slogans. and hate doesn't benefit any side.

some of these were hysterical.

now, having said that, i have of course attended my fair share of protests. and there's a place for them. they can be effective. they can be meaningful.

but empty words and hate-filled slogans don't do a damn bit of good - except provide amusement and annoyance.

personally, i prefer the last one - short and to the point.i wish i could just say that to everything that bothers me - some people do.

thanks for the haiku over at my nest. i have dried out a bit this afternoon as the sun came a-callin, though another storm is moving in soon.

5:10 PM

Hellpig said...
Nice Dawg,I personally like the dykes from hell,and the I am a racist and bush hater,did you see the recent pics of protester who have been drawing a mercedes symbol instead of the peace sign?

5:34 PM

Hellpig said...
here you go took awhile to find one

Peace sign

5:45 PM

Aunty Belle said...
K-9 said:

"This group really inspires me. It inspires me to make a ton of money and move to a private island."

............if I cash in some of those CD's Uncle has stashed in his sock drawer can I have the leeward side of yore island??

7:51 PM

K9 said...
/bark bark bark

yes helly, I have. when you can't even get the peace sign right you can't even get into remedial protesting.


7:25 AM

ardlair said...

here's my flare, black dog.
safe and sound.
til the next time.

like the pics.
apart from the boobed geezer.

infinitesimal said...

Hey Puppy,

What exactly do the Baptist protesters want?
They hate the army
hate queers
hate MLK and his wife

What do they like?
I mean who's side are they on?

Or are they just totally off the medication? Just plain bonkers? I do not even begin to wrap my brain around them.
So what are they FOR?? anything?

Nice new digs here.

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

vanille, the westboro baptist church is like the guyanatown jim jonesian people. they have seriously lost their way and are following a psychotic hater. Poor Christ. "christians" like these guys are like sandbags piled on top of the dying lamb. but they are funny too. by laughing at them they have zero power except to repel us.


Bird said...

in response to your question over at my nest "what did you protest and what was the outcome?

On the day of Bush's inaguration(sp?)I protested against Bush and against the way the whole vote count was handled in Florida. Outcome: my voice was heard, but not counted.

I participated in several protests against the iraq war before it started. we all know the outcome of that.

i have participated in pro-choice marches and rallies. outcome: roe v. wade ain't technically overturned yet. california is still pro-choice.

i have participated in candlelight vigils for peace. outcome: more war.

seems a pointless effort, doesn't it? yet sometimes i think it's important to show up and be counted.

i do not hold up stupid signs at marches and rallies.

other acts of protests: letter-writing - to newspapers and my so-called government representatives. outcome: letters published in papers - my voice heard; form cards and form emails from reps acknowledging the receipt of my letter and thanking me for my "concern."

again-seems pretty pointless. yet i keep on.

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

no boyed, i wouldnt take you for a pissy sign holder. what i find fascinating about the protesters here are the way they inspire repulsion in anyone that doesnt already agree with them! i think some of these folks would hold up ANY sign just to be "in it" like a fashion. a tatoo. a pretend act of defiance.

real defiance is to find a way to succeed in spite of whatever one perceives as the opressor. as far as making change i have always thought if we could pull together to inflict some real economic damage then we would be more than heard but actually listened to.

always glad to see ya soaring bird.


Mr Q said...

K9, well done. Even I can appreciate some hate pictures. I hate to love and love to hate, am I a hater or a lover? Who cares! People make amazing subjects for study.

Anonymous said...

isn't it said when some truely feel they are righteous enough to slander others?
those people have definitely got something long and spiky up their arse.

as for the rest - anything that disrupts the riles the majority ought to be supported hey? makes them stronger.

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

absolutely fatty. i want every one to be seen and heard, fully and without guise. yes disruption is a necessary thing.....i would prefer to disrupt in a more covert, less hideous way but thats just a black dog style thing.

of course you could be making the case that i am exploiting these people for my own sophmoric amusement and passing judgment in a furry fit of righteousness. slandering the slanderers. but at least i dont have to set up the shots. good to see ya fatty.

Q welcome back from your halo opps. your comment at auntys was insane. just excellent.

X. Dell said...

Historically, protesters have inspired repulsion from enemies, but the tactic has proven effective if done correctly, for the right reason, for the right time.

I would concede that often the tactic is either overused, or not properly supported by other activity.

But as to the protesters themselves, there seems to be a bit of a projection on your part. Maybe they get on your nerves, but sometimes the only way to maintain the energy necessary to affect social change is to accept those of your group who seem "wild-eyed."
From Selma to Washington this nation actually owes a debt of gratitude to some of those wild-eyed people (not all of course, just some).

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

x.dell you are far too evolved and mature for my childish digs. second time today ive been accused of projection though! thanks for the PSA.


Ben said...

See, here I go and want to be the nice guy all the time and love everyone and then I see stuff like that.

Reminds me of discussions that I had with agressive "Christians" telling me - with glittery, hateful eyes small as slits - that I'd be very very sorry for my weird ways.

Aha. IF I disagree I go to hell (or maybe I should offer them a stake to burn me?). If I do not laugh about THAT it will depress ME for its sheer stupidity.

Better laugh. THNX.

Bird said...

hmmm... can't quite see selma as "wild-eyed." sober, serious people in suits, marching in relative silence and discipline, knowing full well they would be feeling the end of a stick and the bite of a dog - nothing wild-eyed about that.

X. Dell said...

Well, K9, you know what they say: "From the mouths of children. . . "

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

haha xdell! you may like the praise i heaped on classy protesters in the first sock puppet post. glad to see ya grrrrrrrrr

boyed. nicely stated.


velvet acid tongue said...

lol ... is all i can say ...

Pete Bogs said...

ok, are those man-boobs, or is that a lesbian?

did you see my blog on Phelps and how to deal with his like?


Princess Kimberley said...

Yeah, I'm wondering the same thing. Were they man boobs or was that a bull dyke? I think it's a dyke, but she has a beard. Too scary! Anywho, Mohammed's head is destined for that body!

OOH OOH, look at the pink frumpy moonbat! Damn, this is entertaining!

Lady Lux said...

I...I dunno' what to say or how to say it...or...

this pics are soooo soooo hilarious...I'm gonna' call my girlfriends and tell them to go cruise by this bloggy...now!...


Enemy of the Republic said...

I'm been to my share of protests and I've seen those steaming hot browns. You should be a photojournalist.

suzisword said...

shew k9 thanks for the warning i scrolled very fast, plain hatred all around. check they are all operating under the same spirit, hatred versus lust. spirit of death

Lillie said...

Good going, dog. Oh, and congratulations on your win!

Nea said...

Okay dog, something I wanna know....is that a girl or a guy,hmmmmmmmmmmm either way, it needs a bra.............haha

aren't protestors fun,,,,,,hmmmmmm whose running the farm?

Nea said...

The one thing I have found about most protestors, if you tilt their head the right way, what little brains they have will run right out their ear, and they will carry any sign that you hand them, FOR A PRICE......

Nea said...

I grew up near San Francisco, I personally know there are a lot more PROFESSIONAL protestors than people who actually believe in a cause. I am aiming my negativity at those......you know the ones, who show up at every sign packing rally.....they don't seem to have a job.......or at least one that needs a person working during normal business hours. Ask them who is paying them...

Benjamin said...

I have to say I laughed like hell at that x

SJ said...

None of them are winning and costume design awards. Except the last one to her I say "sure go ahead".