i love the smell of napalm in hollywood

/bark bark bark

Dont'cha just love it when a bunch of pamp'ed stars
Start weeping on TV and playing guitars?
Wailing and caring, oh caring so deep
Monitoring phone lines they getting off cheap

"Bush broke the levee and brought the tsunami!"
Selling the lie life's a tit from yo' mommy
To show pretty faces they'll ask for your dollars
Though millions they've got they'd rather give hollers!

Compassion! compassion! say many of they
But when it comes to "material" these fuckers don't play

Not to say that they all be this way
Oprah and Bullock done give it away
But some could do much with a flick of some pens
Change a life by giving up just ONE of the benz,

Barbara S, you poser, are you kidding me?
You got the biggest head in history
Your cheapness and imperiousness are legend they say
Your day workers sued to get paid for the day

Sean Penn. Dear God, you the ugliest man that's ever been!
Showing for show in NOLA was truly a sin, but then again
it was funny to see you so impotent
and broke down in the rescue boat you rent.

Bra you aint the same thing as you play in the show
Hollywood's dying cause the people now know
What a bunch big talkers and wanna be loveds
Currying favor by trashin' the Govs.

You all against guns 'less they for your bodyguards?
Because behind big walls you safe in yo' yards
With pools full o' fools and trays lined with blow
Stop runnin' this game, you think we don't know?

Kanye is Christ? And Jessica Parker?
You think I'm a dog? That girl's a real barker!
Talking 'bout how her broke ass family
is caused by the American calamity?
Give up a Blanik or two you horse-faced punk!
That lie you been telling is a hunk of junk.
Take care of your own girl, and stop with the crying
Cause all of us watching see you is SO lyin'.

I got's to go now to make my livin'
Don't expect to me something be given
But there's one Hollywood thing I truly do love
"Celebrity Cellulite" on the Enquirer cov.


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